The sense of security is one of the most important human needs, let's take care of it together.


Personal protection refers to all the measures that secure integrity, privacy, freedom of movement and peace of mind of the protected person. Personal protection is implemented in accordance with the protection plan drawn up based on the threat assessment, discreetly and with a low profile. Carefully planned and professionally implemented personal protection is an investment that improves the productivity of key personnel. Contact us and our experts will assess the need for personal protection.

  • Personal protection assessment
  • Personal safety training
  • Close Protection


In our travel safety services, we focus on providing readiness for safety level, culture and changing conditions. We also carry out a target country-specific risk mapping and threat assessment, based on which our experts prepare a narrow, basic or extensive travel safety plan according to the customer's wishes. If necessary, we send our experts to the destination in advance.

  • Travel safety training
  • Risk assessments and contingency arrangements
  • Advance -operations